Abuser Registry

The abuser registry was established by Ohio law to prohibit people from working with individuals if they have committed acts of abuse, neglect, misappropriation, failure to report and/or prohibited sexual relations meeting the criteria for placement on the Abuser Registry.
Ohio Revised Code (ORC) section ORC 5123.542: requires that the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, each County Board of Developmental Disabilities, each entity providing specialized services under contract with a County Board of DD, and each owner, operator or administrator of a residential facility as defined in ORC section ORC 5123.19 or of a program certified by the Department of DD to provide supported living services and to annually provide written notice to each of its employees explaining the conduct for which a DD employee may be placed on the Abuser Registry.
Abuser Registry Annual Notice: Abuser Registry Manual Notice.
More information about the Abuser Registry can be found on the Ohio Department of DD’s website at: Abuser Registry or by calling: 614-995-3810.
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