Community Employment

Work in the community can include competitive employment with a business or industry at minimum wage or above. Individuals seeking community employment can receive assistance with job development, job placement, job coaching, and on-going follow-along services. These supports are in place to assist the individuals with becoming successful on the job and becoming more independent. The Board is engaged with United Disability Services of Akron through a grant project called Vocational Rehabilitation Public and Private Partnerships (VRP3) to assist individuals seeking and maintaining community employment. Additional information about the VRP3 program and community employment can be obtained by contacting Jaime Nichols, Community Employment Manager.
Some individuals may be employed in what are referred to as "supported employment -enclave settings". In supported employment-enclave settings, a group of individuals work as a team at a single work site or a host community business or industry with initial training, supervision, and on-going support provided by an on-site staff member who is employed by a provider of adult day services.