Department of Adult Services

The Department of Adult Services is responsible for the provision and oversight of adult day array services. The Board provides adult day array services at Portage Industries located at 7008 State Route 88 Ravenna, Ohio. The Board also has several contracts with private providers of adult day array services. The Department of Adult Services is administered and supervised by the Director of Adult Services, the Activities Supervisor, the Habilitation Manager, the Community Employment Manager, and the Vocational Services Manager. The Department of Adult Services also has three Account Clerks.
Michelle Dolensky
Director of Adult Services
330-296-2839 x3130
Colleen Brown
Activities Supervisor
330-296-2839 x3120
Jaime Nichols
Community Employment
330-296-2839 x3136
John Snyder
Habilitation Manager
330-297-2839 x3133
Kim Holbert
Account Clerk II
330-296-2839 x3148
Pam Krotzer
Account Clerk II
330-296-2839 x3103
Lauren Myers
Account Clerk II
Additional, detailed information about the Department of Adult Services can be found under Adult Day Services.
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