General Eligibility Procedures

Following are the procedures and actions that an individual or his/her parent(s)/guardian needs to complete for the intake and eligibility process to be initiated:
The eligibility determination process can be initiated by the individual seeking services or his/her parents/guardian calling the Board's Intake and Eligibility Specialist (IE Specialist), JoAnna Salvatori, at 330-297-4101, or emailing the contact information about the individual to:, or filling out the Request for Eligibility Determination and Services Form and emailing or returning it to the specified address.
The following information is required to initiate the eligibility determination process:
  • Individual’s Name
  • Individual’s Address of Residence
  • Individual’s or Parent’s/Guardian’s Phone Number
  • Individual’s Date of Birth
  • Individual’s Social Security Number
  • Parents’/Guardian’s Name
  • Individual’s Medicaid Number (if possessed)
  • School District of Residence or Attendance
  • Verification of Individual’s Qualifying Diagnosis (e.g., cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome)
Upon receipt of the information specified above, the IE Specialist will send an intake packet to the individual or his/her family/guardian. The intake packet provides information about the services offered by the PCBDD, additional information that needs to be provided or a release for the IE Specialist to obtain this information, and three forms that require a signature by the individual/parent/guardian and return to the IE Specialist. These include:
After the IE Specialist has received these signed forms, along with a medical evaluation, a psychological evaluation, or a school district evaluation team report (ETR) [or signed releases for the IE Specialist to obtain these items], the  IE Specialist will conduct an eligibility assessment.
The eligibility assessment consists of an appointment to meet with the individual and their parent/guardian and depending upon the individual’s age, administration of either the COEDI (Children’s Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument) or OEDI (Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument). [Note: The COEDI is not applicable to individuals below five (5) years of age]. The IE Specialist will go to the person’s home to complete the COEDI or OEDI and it usually takes no more than an hour. The COEDI/OEDI will then be subsequently scored and the individual/parent/guardian will receive a letter from the Director of Service and Support Administration indicating whether the individual is eligible for services and what the next steps are to begin to access services.
It is the outcome of the COEDI/OEDI that determines whether or not an individual is eligible for services. If an individual is found not to be eligible, the IE Specialist will refer him/her to other agencies that may be able to assist. A denial of eligibility may also be appealed through Board Policy 4.49 - Administrative Resolution of Complaints.